About Us
The Cars:
Our  cars are  street legal
and insured for special events. Our  All cars
have been researched and hours of detail
and time have benn put into each car.
What makes us different?
Our  company  takes pride in knowing that
we give 110% customer service to each person that comes to see our cars. You get an experiance  with ever car.
Celebrities and look alikes
Appearances from our look-a-likes will
add that extra f lair to your show. Ask
about how to get them for your event.
The Team:
Eric Sellin: and the staff has  a  history of entertainment and special event experience, and an exemplary record of safety, Fun  and professionalisms  he gives 110%. From large events such as state fairs and festivals to private parties and weddings the cars are always  a huge hit.
Appearance Rates:
Appearance fees are simply based on travel distance  to  and from New Jersey and the number of days involved. Other  arrangements
will be finalized before the event. Beyond expenses, we also contribute to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

Frequently Asked  Questions

Q: Is this the cars from the movies?
A: No, most of the cars are replicas that have had blood sweat and tears  put into them to bring you the closest to the cars  as seen in the movies.

Q: Does it work?
A: If you mean does it run, then yes. The car runs great, as for traveling in time. No sorry I wish

Q: How can I get one?
A: There are a number of Deloreans out to buy, Look around eBay. From there you can find the parts all for all the cars all Over the web .

Q: How long did it take?
A: The conversion on the time machine took a little over 7 months on and off as a hobby. The other cars took years.

Q: Has the cast seen or been in the cars?
A: Yes , But a great many other actors have graced our cars as well.

Q: Can we sit in it and drive it?
A: Sure you can sit in it. We take many photos of you in and around the car at our events.
As for driving the car That requires other factors but is not totally ruled out.